Here is a listing of this month’s events, prayers, and Jesus Christ miracles:
January 2016- Into The Darkness With Love Ministry has a Mission Trip To India.
March 2015- The Singleton Prayer Room donated bible for the Into The Darkness With Love Ministry Peru and Africa mission trip.

The Singleton Prayer Room will be assisting with an upcoming events with the 'Into The Darkness With Love Ministry'. Pray for Jamie and Angela Lingerfelt and their ministry.

March 2014-The Singleton Prayer Room donated bibles for the 'Into The Darkness With Love Ministry' Africa mission trip.

February 2014- 'PrayerCare' Free Basic Health Screen Clinic. Partnered event with 'Into The Darkness With Love Ministry'
September 2013-  Be REDEEMED
 August 2011- Pray for students returning to school and their families. 
 September 2011- Pray for and support your neighbors that are in need.
 November 2011 thru December 2011- Volunteer your time and give to the needy. Celebrate Jesus Christ.

 January 2012- Pray and work towards accomplishing changes that will enhance the quality of the life that God has blessed you with.

February 2012- Forgive loved ones and reconcile hurt relationships.

April 1, 2012- 8:00 a.m. Join Bishop and First Lady Barrett at 345 Killian Hill Rd. Lilburn, GA

January 2013- Free Health Screening Clinics will be available for scheduling.

Suwanee, GA 30024 
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